(Slightly) More Advanced Twitter Tips – Tweeting InDepth

You’ve been twittering a week. Suddenly your follow rate is exploding and you are spending unexpected hours responding to follows and seeing who is following you. And this is in addition to reading tweets, responding to tweets, retweeting and trying to write relevant blog articles to in turn tweet your own horn. Time to refine!


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New To Blogging? 9 Useful (And Not So Obvious) Tips For Small Businesses

You have to start somewhere and while we can’t learn it for you, here are a few tips, that we felt aren’t very obvious to the new blogger, to help you on your journey. If we can save your business some time, or keep you from making beginner mistakes, then this post has done its job!

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Social Bookmarking Buttons: Free & Essential For Your Website and Blog

ShareThis: This is a handy little (free) service that provides a button you post on your website page (or blog) that allows others to share your information across a wide variety of networks such as Twitter, Facebook, by Email, and social bookmarking sites.

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New To Tweeting? 12 Useful (And Not So Obvious) Tips For Business Newcomers

Learning any new system takes a little time and patience. Whether you’ve registered or thinking about it there’s always a few things that are not immediately evident to the newbie. Following are 10 nuggets of useful information that a small business, who is new to Twitter, may find will save some valuable time and a few “oh duh”, or even worse “oh no!” moments.

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Why Twittering Is Essential For Small Business Success

Thoughts about how Twitter can be used by small businesses and three real examples of small businesses that use Twitter and how they communicate their authenticity, establish relationships and successfully convey their message.

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