Site Ducky is a website content management system, WCMS, (or more simply put) a service that allows you to securely access the back end of your website, make changes to the content, expand it, and modify it as you need.  Without fuss and from whatever internet-enabled computer where you happen to be having your morning coffee.  And most importantly, without any special skills.

Your Site Ducky Gang

Your Site Ducky Gang

The Site Ducky team has worked together as web designers and developers for over a decade, and we’ve helped a lot of small businesses across a range of industries.  Content Management, putting control back in the client’s hands, was a great idea, but like any tool, without an understanding of how websites work and are connected to doing business online, it was useless.  So, we designed Site Ducky not to be a product, so much as a service.

You get the tool, you get it customized to your needs, and you have the full support of an expert and experienced team of designers, developers, optimization, internet marketing, and social media professionals who know your unique needs and are there to help you succeed.

And all in one place – no searching forums, posting trouble tickets, or waiting in an automated telephone queue.  By phone, chat, video or email.  We’re a small business that wants to establish relationships with other small businesses and be part of their success.

The Site Ducky blog is intended to provide resources and information to help the entrepreneur, small mom and pop, home office or business spend less time finding solutions, and more time doing business.  Just like our service.  If you have ideas of what you’d like to see here, be sure to let us know.

The motto of the blog: We get lost in cyberspace so you don’t have to!


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