3 Ways a Small Business Owner Can Cause Trouble at 3 AM

April 15, 2010 at 11:51 am 1 comment

It’s 3 AM. You know this because you are staring wide awake at the ceiling and have been counting each digital minute for the last 60.  It’s the plight of many a small business owner to have insomnia and I am no exception.  Finally, enough is enough.  The night still young and it’s time to cause some mischief.

Knowing that it will wake your sleeping partner if you try to stumble around, untangle the cords, and unplug your laptop in the dark, instead furtively start it up, begin tapping furiously away -and wake them anyway.  Ah, the morning is starting well.  Banished to the other end of the house and warmed up, you are now in a better position to generate some real mayhem.

Yawning Kitty

1. Log into your project management system (or equivalent) and take screenshots and detailed notes of every quirk, no matter how minor, that has been getting under your skin for the last few weeks.  Note that ‘minor’ is the keyword here.  Generate 10-12 new tasks for your development team to deal with these annoyances asap. Even better, don’t actually pass on the screenshots or details, rather just make vague ramblings about how frustrated you are and how they need to be fixed yesterday.  You can imagine this will help get their day off to a great start!

2. Promote your own expertise and your business by finding relevant blog posts and providing pithy commentary. This is critical because everyone knows that you are at your most witty at (now) 4 am.  You will shine!  And nothing is more satisfying in the wee hours than doing a little damage you just can’t make right.  If you haven’t killed enough time at this point, move on to Twitter.

3. Log onto your business’s Facebook fan page and make tiny little changes here and there. Nothing obvious – just small details, tweaks really -improvements- that ultimately will make your co-administrator, who exclusively manages the page,  think they’ve gone lost their mind when they find them.  Alternatively, post a blog about your work so your FB administrator will spend the next day trying to figure out exactly what the h$#%% you did do.  It’s like an easter egg hunt and what better way to promote team spirit than a little challenge?

Now, don’t you feel productive?  Much better than staying in bed and fruitlessly trying to sleep, wasn’t it?

If you are also up in the witching hours and stumble across this post – please feel free to follow the advice of #2,  join the cause, comment and add your own techniques to this list.  The next time a sleepless night passes I’ll do a little queenly arbitration.  Maybe I’ll approve spam, maybe I’ll approve your comment. Baaaahhrrawwww.


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  • 1. etgilbert  |  April 15, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    1. This WAS my last manager. Almost daily. And she didn’t need insomnia to participate in this activity. >:-O

    2. Where are the pithy comments on MY blog??? :o)

    3. Crap. Do I need to go look at our FB page for easter eggs? ;o)

    p.s. I’ll be sure to come back tonight during MY insomnia and post something else. It will be pithy. I’m certain of it.


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