(Slightly) More Advanced Twitter Tips – Tweeting InDepth

March 27, 2009 at 8:31 pm 2 comments

So now that you have an idea what Twitter is all about, and before you are overwhelmed, here’s a great article by @kriscolvin posted at Mr. Tweet’s blog to get you in the mindset and help you begin to think about your strategy:  7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitterers.  Here are some of our observations now that you have gotten your feet wet.

1 – Review your apps and find the most efficient ones for the way you want to work. Top Twitter Apps

Now there are oodles of apps out there.  Certainly hundreds and maybe thousands.  While you don’t want to get bogged down researching them (this can be a whole ‘nother addicting habit), don’t overlook references to those that are up and coming.  What you want are niches that meet your unique needs.  For example, twtQpon lets you offer coupons on Twitter.  This same service links to others that let you create Twitter invitations, greeting cards and create polls.  And you can record a video message of yourself to add to your profile with BubbleTweet.  If you allocate some time to getting familiar with what exists it can help you be more creative as you determine your strategy.

2 – You’re getting a lot of followers and need to automate how you do some things. But be sure you understand the controversy about automated Direct Messages (DM) before you decide if they are for you or not. Some services let you set up an automated Direct Message Tweet to be sent out to anyone that follows you.  Sounds good right?

If you are getting 20+ new follows a day and you want to thank each one signing up for an auto DM service might be tempting, but be sure to understand the other side of what is a heated discourse about this subject.  Many Tweeters have DMs go to their mailboxes as DMs often come from friends and family sharing more personal information.  Automated DMs are akin to spam in this instance.  Listen long enough and you will hear lots of angry tweets about DMs.  Much less blog posts.  Just to give you a sample here’s a rant FOR auto-DM’s and one AGAINST auto-DM’s.

Also how do you tell a genuine DM from an automated one?  There is no real way to know and many folks are clever with their auto-DMs.  This can be very frustrating if you are trying to build real relationships and want to spend your time on authentic conversations.  That’s my ‘ole two cents.  Just ensure that DMs fit your strategy before deciding to use them yourself.

If you don’t like DMs consider using two (in conjunction) opt-out services SocialToo and @optmeout.  We still get DMs every once in awhile after follows, but I’d guess it took care of 95% of them.

3 – Create a unique and authentic voice. Many Tweeters have been successful promoting their own services exclusively, by becoming mavens, by engaging in conversations, by Tweeting witty or positive things, by retweeting (RT) interesting little known articles, or by simply being bizarre and interesting.   Mashable has some good things to say about this.  My favorite Tweeters have nothing in common – some post very relevant Tweets but engage in little to no conversation while others Tweet mostly personal nuggets about their life.  Neither is right or wrong and I would be willing to contact either for business (but for very different reasons in this instance – one is an expert and the other “feels” more trustworthy).

4 – Your photo is your brand. How does it look as it streams down the page with all the other Tweets?  Does it stand out?  Does it represent your message?  Is it appealing?  I mention the last because yes, I have actually not followed (probably very interesting) Tweeters simply because their photo was creepy.  I just didn’t want to see that photoshopped (I guess they thought it was edgy) horror going by on my screen and then intruding in my psyche.  You can’t please all the folks (you are going to resemble somebody’s ex) but it’s worth a little thought.  Bright colors and closeups work better than distance shots. Some women seem to do well with sexy shots…again, your call.  What is crucial of course is simpy ensuring your photo reflects your unique message.

5 – Create a good-looking Twitter background for your profile page. A Twitter background helps you to continue establishing your brand and your personality.  Makes you more memorable and interesting.  People follow people that are interesting to them.  Twitbacks lets you create a free custom background, and Twitterbacks also has specs for designing your own.  Remember though – test it out by scrunching your browser window to smaller and larger proportions.  I use many sidebars with Firefox and most folks backgrounds are obliterated by the smaller browser window.  It’s almost impossible to make it work for everyone – try to accommodate as many as possible, though.

6 – Don’t take it personally! This is my favorite tip.  Make this your mantra: I am not back in high school.  This is not a popularity contest.  I have a great service or product to offer and my mother likes me -even if no one else does. It really is a big online cocktail party or kaffee klatch – whichever is your drink of preference.  Some days you’re going to feel ignored, some days you’re going to find your best friend.  It’s a networking tool.  Mingle.  Keep moving.  Cultivate those relationships that bring the most pleasure and potential to the table (again, keep YOUR strategy in mind).  Just stick with it.

Caveat: Yes, for some people it IS about popularity and numbers.  That’s fine – they have THEIR strategy for what they are trying to achieve and you have YOURS.  Bottom line is what works for you?  There are a lot of ponds out there.  When you’re a small business the most lucrative niches are the small ones.  You don’t have to be swimming with the sharks in the big one, unless, of course, that’s what pushes your happy button!

7 – Learn the rules…then break them.  Wisely. All great artists studied their craft to the nth degree – then went out and proceeded to break all the rules.  It relates to Twitter just as much.  Here’s a great Mashable article (@mashable – must follow IMHO – In My Humble Opinion) about 5 People Who Broke The Rules of Social Media and Succeeded.  And all because once you think you got it all right, you’ll find You’re All Wrong About Twitter!

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